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I've been reading about the Franks, and their mythology and stories, and the mythologies and stories of the people around them... there are fascinating things in there; I particularly liked reading about Nerthus. but even the Quinotaur is interesting. and those things absolutely make an appearance in ★kindred now :P

I see ★kindred as a simulation game, but I also don't think that a 100% accurate portrayal of a specific year of history is important; more important is getting all these interesting stories and bits of history and including them in the game, whether or not it makes sense for them to exist in the exact same time and place. did the Suebi tries that worshiped Nerthus exist before, during, or after the Great Migration? when exactly did Christianization of Francia begin? *shrugs* if it's interesting, and it happened nearish Francia, in 600AD +/- a couple hundred years, I think that's good enough for me.

on the coding side of things, I'm seeing an opportunity to make the stories your people encounter something provided by plugins, instead of being hard-coded into the game. this would open up the possibility for other people to add additional adventures, or even replace everything I've written... would a sci-fi adventure appeal to you more than a bunch of barbarian kings? fair enough; make it!

but as I mentioned before, I don't want to get so carried away with the engine that I forget to make a game, so I think the pluginization of the adventures may come a little later; I'll definitely be making sure not to do anything that would get in the way of that pluginization, though!

P.S. a dev at (thanks, fasterthanlime!) was kind enough to add .NET Core 2.0 as a library that the client can install for you! I've updated ★kindred accordingly (and also included some other dependencies I had neglected), so the game should be playable by a MUCH wider audience, now!

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Apr 05, 2018

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