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In The Ruins of, you play as an adventuring archaeologist in a slightly-anachronistic 1908.

Travel the world exploring the ruins left behind by ancient cultures, from Greek temples to Khmer palaces to Mayan burial sites (and many others).

Excavate ancient artifacts and treasures to donate to the Museum, sell for money, or equip yourself. But be careful: traps and mythological monsters stand in your way.

As you adventure, you will acquire Knowledges. Many you will gain by leveling up, but a couple you'll start with, a few will be offered by the Museum as gratitude for your services, and yet others will be learned in stranger ways. You won't be able to learn them all in an entire life time, but you'll be playing out many lifetimes, and some Knowledges will stick with you through reincarnation...

This game is being adapted from an online, browser game of the same name, which I created almost a decade ago! I'm rewriting it from scratch, as a single-player experience, cross-platform, but optimized for mobile play.

I don't know when it will be available to play, but I'll release it as soon as it is!

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