A downloadable asset pack

these are some resources I've made for my game, Suikomon. I thought you might also find them useful?

currently included:

  • books + other bookshelf things (seen above)
  • a handful of ruins
  • a starfield?? (probably the easiest to just make yourself, but whateve's; here it is)

I'm using colors BASED ON DawnBringer's 16-color palette (http://pixeljoint.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=12795). by "based on": I've created a grid of his colors, and also created gradients between some of those colors, which I also pick from. (that palette + gradient is also attached here, for reference.)

I'll update with more as I make it (and it seems like it'd have use to others).


books.png 688 bytes
ruins.png 1 kB
starfield.png 2 kB
dawnbringer's 16, plus some.png 5 kB

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